The mission of the ROYC is one of enlightenment.

Our books, pamphlets and calendars are produced for educational purposes. Their content is chosen to promote popular interest in Russian Orthodoxy, its culture and philosophy, in Christian spiritual thought, and in sacred writings of the Holy Fathers of the Church -- all to gain a deeper understanding of Orthodoxy and its place in Russian history and culture.

We strive to adhere to the goals of the founders of the Russian Orthodox Youth Committee, that is, to interest the current and next-generation readers in Russian Orthodox traditions.

In the case of the daily calendar we hope to make the reading of history and the study of Orthodox thought interesting and understandable and a part of oneʼs daily routine.

Our monthly calendar has a different theme each year. The illustrations are complimented with writings from various Russian Orthodox sources.

The content of books and pamphlets is rooted in the spiritual and historic past of the Russian Orthodox Church Outside of Russia (ROCOR) and seeks to attract readers to the works of forgotten and little-known authors. Most are in Russian, though there are some with parallel English text. This literature is aimed at both Orthodox and newly- converted Orthodox readers.

Our work aims to bridge the worlds of our forefathers, our American lives and the newly emerging Russia.

As we reacquaint our readers with the ROCORʼs 90-year past and its values, our hope is to spark interest in our readers, to be inquisitive about Russia, its culture, religion and folklore.