Dear  Brothers and Sisters, beloved in the Lord,
Esteemed Benefactors of the Russian Orthodox Youth Committee

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By God's mercy we are entering the new 2019 calendar year. Adhering to our long-standing tradition, we sincerely wish for each of our readers health and strength of soul and body from the Lord, along with peace, tranquility and prosperity for our divinely saved homeland and for all Russian Orthodox people, wherever they live, in this "acceptable year of the Lord" (Is. 61: 1-2; Lk. 4: 18).

This year our calendar is dedicated to just about the most important work of the Holy Orthodox Church - the work of enlightenment, of being a witness, of spreading the teaching of Christ throughout the world. Indeed, witnessing (or, as it is often called, the mission) - the awakening of the true faith through preaching - is inherent to the very nature of the One Holy Catholic and Apostolic Church. In following the words of the Lord Jesus Himself, addressed not only to the Apostles, but to each of us, it is the duty of every Orthodox person to proclaim the Good News by his very life: "Go into all the world and preach the gospel to all creation." (Mark 16: 15).

In this our Russian Orthodox Church has been relegated a special role. To that end, our calendar gives an account of Russian missionaries of yore, who worked diligently in the field of the Lord, and who throughout the centuries brought enlightenment to the peoples of Historical Russia, as well as to those beyond its borders.

The 2019 calendar includes short informative write-ups related to the time of the ministry of the Russian enlighteners-saints, as well as photographs of churches related to them.

Archbishop of Montréal & Canada,
President of the Russian Orthodox Youth Committee