А new way to read our calendars!

The daily Martianoff Calendar is the oldest surviving émigré calendar. It was read by our grandparents and parents, and now by us and our children. The Martianoff calendar gives the designated daily church readings of the Gospel and the Epistle, and lists the daily commemorated saints. The short articles on history and culture, promulgate Orthodox thought and mindset through the words of Russian authors and thinkers.

At the request of longtime readers, we are launching your favorite Martianoff calendar in electronic format on a quarterly basis.

Trial first quarter - January to March -
at a special price of only $2.

Each subsequent quarter will cost $5 per download.

Content Copyrighted. Please allow up to 2-4 hours to receive the digital calendar via email.

Consider buying the digital version of your favorite calendar for yourself or a loved one, who thrived on it for years and years. Pleasе be generous in your support for the future of ROYC Publishing.

January-March 2024

April-June 2024


July-September 2024